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Kubota U17-3a Excavator

The Kubota U17-3a is a versatile excavator with a powerful digging force. This zero-tail swing, 1.5 tonne excavator has excellent stability and smooth control, making operating in tight spaces a breeze.

The U17-3a has adjustable tracks and zero-tail swing when fully extended to 1240mm. When the tracks are retracted to 990mm, the excavator can pass through narrow doorways and access tighter working space. Additionally, the U17-3a comes in two versions:

  • Standard arm
  • Long arm

As the name suggests, the difference between the machines are the length of the arms. The long arm has a maximum dig depth of 2460 mm in comparison to the standard arm that is 2310mm.

The Kubota U17-3a is also equipped with Kubota’s unique E-TVCS (Three Vortex Combustion System) increases energy output, and ensures low vibration and low fuel consumption, all while minimising exhaust emissions.

In addition, all Kubota excavators are now fitted with the Kubota Anti-Theft System. This system enables only programmed keys to start the machine and a master red key, the only key that can program new ones. Its features also include an alert to remind the operator to remove the key after they have finished operating and an alarm if an unprogrammed key is entered.

At BTE Plant Sales quality is key and we want to offer the very best attachments for your premium excavators. We work with a number of suppliers for standard attachments such as manual hitches and buckets to ensure we offer you a great and reliable excavator package.

Key Information

The Kubota KX016-4 comes as a canopy or cabin model.

Machine weight standard/long arm (kg) 1575/1625
Max Dig Depth standard/long arm (mm) 2310/2460
Dump Height standard/long arm (mm) 2440/2550
Power (kW) 11.3

For more information, download the technical data sheets below.

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