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Epiroc - SB102 Hydraulic Breaker

The Epiroc SB102 hydraulic breaker is a reliable, robust breaker that compliments any fleet!

The SB102 hydraulic breaker is a versatile and efficient hydraulic breaker designed for 1.1-3 tonne excavators. They can be used for a range of construction jobs including demolition, road maintenance, earth works and so much more.

Epiroc have used a unique design with a SolidBody concept. This involves a single block of special cast iron which decreases the total number of parts. Additionally, it removes the need for components such as damping elements, tie rods, and stud bolts resulting in a slim and compact shape perfect for simple handling! What’s more, this supports low repair costs and easy maintenance.

Other features of the SB102 include:

  • Floating bushing for easy change on site using just standard hand tools
  • Built-in pressure relief valve to protect against overloads
  • Integrated dust wiper which prolongs the service life of retainer bars and bushing
  • Parented tool locking system

Need an excavator too? This hydraulic breaker is ideal for the KX015, KX016, U17, KX027 and U27-4!

Key Information

The Epiroc SB breaker range are robust and efficient, an ideal hydraulic breaker which is suitable for a range of machinery.

Carrier weight class (tonne) 1.1 – 3
Service weight (kg) 90
Working tool diameter (mm) 45
Working length of tool (mm) 265

For more information, download the technical data sheet below.

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