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Kubota KX030-4 Excavator

When it comes to versatility and performance, the Kubota KX030-4 excavator stands out from the crowd. Get ready to experience the ultimate combination of comfort, luxury, and productivity. 
With several models to choose from, the KX030-4 caters to your needs. As well as being able to choose between a canopy or cabin excavator, the KX030-4 also comes as a High-Spec option. The High-Spec model offers maximum versatility and performance for any job as you get dual auxiliary proportional flow control, controlled by easy-to-access thumb-operated switches, as well as the auto shift system.

If you do opt for a cabin (the most popular choice), then the KX030-4 offers one of the most spacious cabins on the market and you really can feel the difference. With an expansive field of vision and a wider, lower entrance, you can enter and exit the cab with ease. The ergonomic design ensures outstanding comfort, allowing operators to work comfortably throughout the day. No matter the job, this excavator delivers the ultimate premium experience.

The KX030-4 takes efficiency to a whole new level with its ability to simultaneously operate the boom, arm, bucket, and swivel. This feature streamlines your workflow, enabling smooth and efficient movement without any interruption. Thanks to the two variable pumps that distribute the precise amount of oil flow to each actuator, you can expect continuous high-performance digging and dozing.
With its impressive capabilities and exceptional performance, it's no surprise that the KX030-4 is at the top of its weight class. This excavator sets the standard for compact machines, allowing you to tackle a wide range of projects with confidence and ease.

The Kubota KX030-4 excavator is the ultimate choice for operators seeking exceptional performance, comfort, and versatility. Take your productivity to new heights with this powerful machine. Contact us today to learn more about the KX030-4 and how it can revolutionise your excavation projects.

Key Information

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Operating weight cabin/canopy (kg) 2865 / 2795
Max Dig Depth (mm) 2870
Dump Height (mm) 3240
Power (PS) 24

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