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Kubota KX027-4 Excavator

When the job demands precision and power in tight spaces, look no further than the Kubota KX027-4 mini excavator. This compact yet mighty machine is designed to tackle challenging tasks without compromising on performance. With its remarkable capabilities and the largest cab in its class, the KX027-4 is the ultimate solution for those seeking efficiency and comfort.

Equipped with the Kubota V1505-E4 water-cooled, diesel engine with E-TVCS technology, the KX027-4 delivers exceptional power while maintaining fuel efficiency. Dig deep, lift heavy loads, and conquer any excavation job with ease, knowing that this mini excavator has the strength to get the job done efficiently.

Kubota understands that long hours on the job site can be tiring, which is why the KX027-4 is designed for supreme comfort. Step into the largest cab in its class, offering ample space and ergonomic seating. Experience reduced noise and vibration levels, ensuring a comfortable working environment that allows you to stay productive throughout the day.

With two models to choose from, the KX027-4 caters to diverse project requirements. In addition to having a cabin and canopy option, there is also a High-Spec option. The Standard model is ideal for general excavation tasks, while the High-Spec model offers maximum versatility and performance for any job. With the High-Spec model, you get dual auxiliary proportional flow control, controlled by easy-to-access thumb-operated switches, as well as the auto shift system. This system enables automatic travel shift from low to high depending on your traction effort and terrain. Tailor your machine to suit your specific needs and optimize productivity.

Kubota prioritises the safety and security of your investment, which is why the KX027-4 features the Kubota original Anti-Theft System. This industry-leading system ensures that only programmed keys can start up the engine and attempting to start it with a false key will set off the alarm. Additionally, there is an alert that reminds you to extract the key after operation.

The Kubota KX027-4 Mini Excavator is the epitome of power, performance, and comfort. Don't compromise on quality and efficiency. Contact us today to learn more about this exceptional machine, and take the first step towards revolutionising your productivity on the job site. Our team of experts are ready to assist you and help you find the perfect solution for your excavation needs.

Key Information

Get to know the Kubota KX027-4 mini excavator.

Machine weight cabin/canopy (kg) 2665 / 2595
Max Dig Depth (mm) 2740
Dump Height (mm) 3140
Power (PS) 24.4

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