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KC70-4e Electric Track Dumper

The all new ELECTRIC track dumper is one of Kubota's latest innovative machines. 

The KC70-4e comes in two models: 

KC70H-4e with a front tip skip 

KC70VSL-4e with front tip skip, variable tracks and self loading device. 

These track dumpers are based on the diesel and petrol versions with a similar performance but just with a battery! It has a very simple and easy to use plug-and-play feel, with a game-like command to move the machine. 

This feature also has a dead man sensor integrated so if your hand is off the controls, the machine stops moving. 

The KC70-4e battery is 48V and all come equipped with a charger. You can charge the battery with tensions between 80V and 240V. Using a 220V charger, it takes 3 hours to fully charge the battery and 1 hour and a half to achieve 80% of the total charge - impressive! 

Both models allow you to work on narrow sites and can fit through standard door and gateways, making transporting materials easier and greener than ever. 

Key Information

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Weight (kg) 729-815
Max Loading Capacity (m3) 0.28
Dump Height (mm) 419-450
Lithium-Ion Battery (V) 48

For more information, download the technical data sheets below.

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