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HiLight H6+ Lighting Tower

Introducing the Atlas Copco H6+ Lighting Tower - the perfect solution for illuminated work sites during those darker evenings. 

As the days get shorter, embrace the change of seasons with the HiLight H6+. Equipped with powerful LED lights and a coverage of 6000m2, this lighting tower provides bright and uniform illumination, ensuring optimal visibility and safety during darker evenings and autumn weather conditions. 

One of the standout features of the H6+ is its energy-efficient LED technology, which reduces energy consumption without compromising on brightness, making it an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for any work site. What's more, the HiLight H6+ only needs servicing every 600 hours and this generally only takes 40 minutes. Keep your downtime to a minimum with this impressive lighting tower.

Built with durability and reliability in mind, the H6+ has Atlas Copco's unique and legendary HardHat canopy. Its robust design and high-quality components ensure reliable performance under harsh weather conditions, ensuring that you're prepared for whatever weather the autumn brings.

The H6+ is also designed with convenience in mind. Its compact size, lightweight structure, and user-friendly features make it easy to maneuver and set up, allowing you to brighten up any area quickly and efficiently. The H6+ has three options for transportation - forklift slots, an integrated lifting point and an adjustable tow bar. 

Embrace the evenings with the Atlas Copco H6+ Lighting Tower - an eco-friendly, reliable, and versatile lighting solution that will keep you safe and productive during darker evenings.

Key Information

Light coverage (m2) 6000
Mast Vertical Hydraulic
Rated power (kW) 2.7
Sound Power Level (dB(A)) 61
Weight (kg) 980
Engine Kubota Z482

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