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Merlo - eWorker 25.5 90(4wd)

Introducing Merlo’s FIRST electric telehandler, the eWorker 25.5. Generation Zero.

Generation Zero is a highly innovative concept that aims to revolutionise the material handling world. Merlo have put in years of research to find alternatives to heat engines and ensuring they promote a more sustainable and future-orientated way of working. Their first fully electric telehandler has since been born.

The new electric telehandler aims to reduce environmental impact whilst increasing driving comfort, manoeuvrability, and performance, which is synonymous with Merlo products. This is just the first of its kind for Merlo, who have more electric telehandlers in the pipeline!

The eWorker 25.5 90(4wd) has a maximum lift height of 4.8 meters, a maximum load capacity of 2500kg, and is four-wheel drive. Operator safety is also at the forefront of Merlo’s innovations and this model is no exception. With a drastic reduction of noise and vibration and no pollutant emissions, the electric telehandler is as green as they get whilst reducing health risks.

The eWorker 25.5 battery pack consists of lead-acid solutions and ensures 8 hours of autonomy. It is fitted on the right-hand side of the telehandler, in a lowered position in order to maximise stability. Additionally, these machines are equipped with anti-tilt sensors on the rear axle, further ensuring maximum stability.

Merlo understands that customers demand the very best, so they have a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility and training grounds in Italy to facilitate innovative design leadership. Using cutting-edge technology, Merlo telehandlers are designed to precision to ensure you have the best machinery for the job.

Key Information

Merlo’s first electric telehandler is as impressive as it looks.

Maximum Load Capacity (kg) 2500
Lift Height (m) 4.8
Maximum reach (m) 2.6
Unladen Weight (kg) 4950

For more information, download the technical data sheet below.

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