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Epiroc - Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Breaker Range

The Epiroc HB hydraulic breaker range is designed for heavy-duty demolition and excavation tasks suitable for 22-140 tonne excavators.

One of the main features of the Epiroc HB hydraulic breaker range is its versatility. This range includes models with a wide range of operating weights and impact energies, allowing you to choose the best attachment for your specific needs.

Whether you're working on small-scale demolition or large excavation projects, there's an Epiroc HB hydraulic breaker that's right for you.

Another key feature of the Epiroc HB hydraulic breaker range is its power and efficiency. These breakers deliver a high level of impact energy, allowing you to break through even the toughest materials quickly and easily. They also feature a high blow frequency, which helps you work efficiently without sacrificing power or accuracy.

What’s more, the HB range uses an Intelligent Protection System (IPS), that when the contact pressure between the chisel and material increases, AutoControl switches from a short piston stroke to a long piston stroke and the IPS automatically goes to AutoStop mode. Once the chisel breaks through the material the breaker then shuts off to prevent blank firing.

Other stand-out features of the medium hydraulic breaker range include:

  • Built-in overload protector valve that shuts down the breaker when operating pressure exceeds specifications
  • VibroSilenced Plus system
  • Reliable locking system for quick tool release and exchange
  • High durability elements
  • Hybrid technology for safe start-up and smooth operation

The Epiroc HB hydraulic breaker range is ideal for a range of demolition and excavation tasks, including breaking through concrete and asphalt, removing road surfaces, and demolishing large structures. They can also be used for quarrying and mining operations, making them a great choice for contractors who need a multi-purpose tool that can handle a variety of jobs.

Key Information

Get to know the Epiroc HB medium hydraulic breaker range.

HB 2000 22-38 tonne carrier class
HB 2500 27-46 tonne carrier class
HB 3100 35-52 tonne carrier class
HB 3600 35-63 tonne carrier class
HB 4100 40-70 tonne carrier class
HB 4700 45-80 tonne carrier class
HB 7000 70-120 tonne carrier class
HB 10000 85-140 tonne carrier class

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