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Bomag - BT60 Tamper

BOMAG’s lightweight tamper – the BT60 is ideal for working long shifts in tight spaces.

Experience unmatched durability and performance with the BOMAG BT60 Tamper. Engineered to deliver exceptional results on any construction site, this tamper is packed with features that ensure maximum reliability, ease of use, and safety. From longer service life to effortless operation, the BT60 Tamper is designed to exceed your expectations.

BOMAG understands the importance of smooth operation and hassle-free maintenance. That's why the BT60 Tamper is equipped with their advanced lubrication system, ensuring an optimum supply of oil within the crankcase, regardless of the tamper's position. With the added protection of an automatic oil level check, you can rest easy knowing that your engine is always running smoothly.

Additionally, stay informed and in control with the BT60 Tamper's comprehensive monitoring features. The tamper includes an operating hours counter, daily hour meter, tachometer, and reset table service indicator, providing you with complete transparency on its usage. This invaluable information allows you to optimize maintenance schedules and keep your tamper operating at its peak performance.

Effortless starting and stopping of the engine and fuel supply is made possible by the on/off safety switch on the BT60 Tamper. With a single hand movement, you can operate the tamper seamlessly, saving you valuable time and effort. Experience the convenience and control that our tamper provides.

When it comes to tamping, the BOMAG BT60 Tamper is your ultimate solution. With its longer-lasting components, effortless mobility, reliable lubrication system, comprehensive monitoring features, safe operation, and full engine protection, the BT60 Tamper is built to exceed your expectations. Maximise your productivity and efficiency on every construction site with BOMAG's industry-leading tamper technology.

Key Information

Working Width Options (mm) 152, 230 or 280
Weight (kg) 58
Centrifugal Force (kN) 15
Performance (kW) 2.8

For more information, download the technical data sheet below.

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