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Bomag - BPR25/40D Reversible Plate Compactor

Experience the pinnacle of compaction performance with the BOMAG BPR25/40 D reversible vibratory plate compactor. Designed for superior results, this plate compactor combines power, versatility, and efficiency. With a generous working width of 400mm, it effortlessly tackles a wide range of compaction tasks. Discover the exceptional features and applications that make the BPR25/40 D a standout choice for contractors and professionals.

Powerful Vibratory Action: Equipped with a high-performance vibration system, the BPR25/40 D delivers powerful compaction action. The vibratory plate compactor's robust engine generates intense vibrations, effectively compacting various materials with ease. Achieve superior compaction density and stability for your construction projects.

Durable and Reliable Construction: BOMAG's commitment to quality is evident in the BPR25/40 D's construction. Built to withstand demanding job sites, this plate compactor boasts exceptional durability and reliability. Its sturdy frame and components ensure longevity and minimise downtime. Rely on the BPR25/40 D to handle the toughest compaction tasks, project after project.

Versatile Applications: The BPR25/40 D excels in a multitude of applications. From compacting granular soils during landscaping projects to preparing trenches for pipe installations, this plate compactor delivers exceptional results. It is also suitable for compacting asphalt in road repairs or patching work. Its versatility extends to various construction projects, making it an indispensable tool in your arsenal.

Trust in BOMAG Quality: BOMAG is renowned for manufacturing market-leading compaction equipment, and the BPR25/40 D is no exception. Backed by years of engineering expertise, this plate compactor meets the highest standards of performance and reliability. Invest in BOMAG and experience the difference in your compaction jobs.

Key Information

Working Width (mm) 400
Operating Weight (kg) 150
Max. Working Speed (m/min) 25
Centrifugal Force (kN) 25

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