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Merlo - P40.17 Plus

Introducing the Merlo P40.17 PLUS telehandler: revolutionise your construction projects

Are you in search of a powerful and versatile construction telehandler that can elevate your operations to new heights? Look no further than the Merlo P40.17 PLUS telehandler. Designed specifically for companies in the construction industry, this exceptional telehandler combines advanced technology, superior performance, and unmatched reliability to enhance your productivity and efficiency on the job site.

The Merlo P40.17 PLUS telehandler is equipped with a range of impressive features that make it an invaluable asset for your construction projects. With a maximum lifting capacity of 4 tonnes and a lifting height of 16.6 meters, this machine effortlessly handles heavy loads and reaches challenging heights with ease.

One of the standout features of the P40.17 PLUS is its boom side shift capability. With a remarkable boom side shift of up to 435mm, this telehandler allows you to precisely position materials or equipment without the need to constantly reposition the machine. This exceptional flexibility reduces time-consuming manual adjustments and ensures precise placement, even in tight or complex worksites.

Merlo takes your safety seriously, and the P40.17 PLUS is equipped with the revolutionary Advanced Safety and Control System (ASCS) to provide unparalleled operator confidence and protect both personnel and equipment. The ASCS constantly monitors and manages critical machine functions, ensuring optimal performance and preventing accidents.

The Merlo P40.17 PLUS Telehandler is a true workhorse, capable of tackling a wide range of construction tasks. Its robust design and exceptional lifting capacity make it ideal for heavy material handling, whether it's moving pallets, bricks, steel beams, or other construction materials.

Other features of the Merlo P40.17 PLUS include:

  • High specification cab
  • Full road light kit
  • Split door
  • Front, rear and roof wipers
  • Floating forks

And so much more!

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