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HiLight Z3+ Lighting Tower

Introducing the Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+ Lighting Tower - the perfect solution for illuminated work sites during those darker evenings. Zero emissions and Zero noise light tower

Offering run times of up to 32 hours, an extended lifespan, minimal maintenance and low operational costs, the compact HiLight Z3+ is powered by lithium-ion batteries and provides enhanced illumination for metropolitan construction sites, outdoor events and industrial areas.

Zero noise during operation and the absence of engine emissions ensure full environmental compliance in urban locations.

Features include:

  • +40% more efficient vs Diesel Engine
    50.000 hrs lamp durability
  • Environmentally friendly, No liquids and add no emissions
  • 3000 m² Light Coverage (Average 20 luxes)
  • Transport efficiency, Thanks to its compact dimensions, 22 units can be loaded on a 13m truck.

Embrace the evenings with the Atlas Copco HiLight Z3+ Lighting Tower - an eco-friendly, reliable, and versatile lighting solution that will keep you safe and productive during darker evenings.

Key Information

Light coverage (m2) 3000
Mast Hydraulic
Weight (kg) 980

For more information download our HiLight Range brochure

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