BTE Plant Sales set to break records with Hill Engineering’s Tefra coupler

BTE Plant Sales orders 80 Tefra quick hitches in the first four months of 2023!

BTE Plant Sales, a leading distributor of construction equipment in the UK, has recently increased its orders of Hill Engineering’s Tefra hitches in response to growing customer demand. In the first quarter of 2023 they have ordered over 80 Tefra couplers.

        Tefra Hitch Leeds depot on U56-5 d-2      Tefra Hitch and U56-5-2      Tefra Hitch-2

BTE was founded over 30 years ago and has been a customer of Hill Engineering for over half that time. The couplers are being used on a range of machines including the Kubota U27-4, U36-4, KX60-5 and the KX080-4a2.

The decision to boost its inventory of this innovative hitch system comes as a result of an increase in demand and the product’s exceptional performance and reliability, which have garnered significant interest from the construction industry.

BTE Plant Sales has long been committed to providing its customers with top-quality products and services, and the Hill’s Tefra coupler is no exception. Designed to deliver superior performance in the most challenging of construction environments, this hitch system has proven to be a game-changer for many contractors seeking to enhance the efficiency and safety of their operations.

By increasing its orders of the Hill’s Tefra hitch, BTE Plant Sales is not only meeting the current demand from its customers, but also demonstrating its commitment to staying ahead of industry trends and providing the latest and most innovative solutions to its customers.

Rebecca Bryson, Managing Director of BTE Plant Sales, commented that she had noticed an increase in demand for Hill’s Tefra hitches over the past two to three years.

“We have recently won a few big deals with new customers who specifically require Hill’s Tefra hitches,” she said.

“Certain customers specify Hill as either their preferred or only hitch supplier. As a plant supplier, we want to ensure our customers have their preferred products whether it is hitches, buckets or other attachments, and we pride ourselves on being able to carry stock to support them when they are in need.”

She added: “As a Kubota dealer, we offer our customers premium products and are always looking to supply them alongside premium attachments and other add-ons. Hill’s have a brilliant reputation and knowledgeable staff, making them an ideal supplier.”

Overall, the decision by BTE Plant Sales to increase its orders of the Hill Tefra Hitch reflects the company’s dedication to providing its customers with the highest quality construction equipment, and its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the industry.


Tefra Hitch Leeds depot on U56-5 a-2


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