NEW Atlas Copco Pneumatic Tools!

Impact Wrenches, Needle Scalers & Chipping Hammers

Brand new for 2021 Atlas Copco have released 5 small pneumatic tools that simply plug in to your compressor and let you handle the toughest jobs. Made of light but robust materials, with excellent ergonomics and low vibration levels, these compact tools make heavy construction work easy.

The TEX29 Impact Wrench range offer long service intervals, durable high performance and fast tightening. Resulting in minimised strain for the operator

The TEX01N Needle Scaler is a low maintenance tool which is both easy and comfortable to handle. Furthermore it has a reduced risk of vibration-related injuries, keeping your workforce safer.

The TEX02 Chipping Hammer is another user friendly tool that is lightweight, compact and most importantly maximises productivity.

For more information click the link below or contact our sales department!

Atlas Copco NEW Pneumatic Tools for 2021

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