One Year On: The Beginning of the Next Chapter

It has officially been one year since Rebecca Bryson took the reigns of BTE Plant Sales and became the majority shareholder and Managing Director.

What a year it has been!

Whilst it has been business as normal and not a lot has changed day to day for our customers, internally we have seen some brilliant improvements.


It has been a main focus for our departments to become more efficient and more communicative. With the establishment of a Senior Management Team, we have ensured a better working relationship between the departments and made them more autonomous and responsible for their area of business. Not only does this improve things for our staff but also has improved our efficiency at taking and processing orders for our customers.RBand BE


“It is rewarding to see key members of staff being promoted. Without the right people, we have no business and I know I need a strong Senior Management team to help me lead the way.” – Rebecca Bryson, M.D.



Recruitment has been another major focus and we have been very pleased with new starters across different departments. This has greatly strengthened our teams and again improved our response time to you, our customers. As well as recruiting a new inhouse HR Manager and members of the Aftersales team, we have also developed a new Marketing and Events department – a first for BTE!

Alongside building each department, we are currently looking at relocating our Leyland Depot. Not only will this enable us to increase our support across the region but it will overall improve our presence, making sure we are accessible to all our customers. Having a fully operational depot in the North West is essential and we are hoping to bring this exciting new depot to you in 2024.

We have really focused on the running of BTE, our foundations, and finessing our operations. 

We believe this has been greatly translated to our customers which is at the heart of everything we do.

Strengthening the partnership with our manufacturers has been another priority Rebecca has focused on. With the huge growth plans, we have for the future, having strong partnerships with our manufacturers is essential. Our Big Bang Event in Scotland was an excellent way for our Senior Team to spend time with the manufacturers and cement long-term relationships across all areas of BTE.

Group - web

Another record-breaking year! 

It also has to be mentioned that we have officially had another record-breaking year in 2022-2023. It is no secret that Rebecca has big growth plans for the business and everything is definitely moving in the right direction. Rebecca commented:

“It has been incredible to receive such positive support from staff, suppliers and customers with my role change. I have been clear about my plans with the business from day 1 and I know how essential it is to have such strong partnerships with not only our manufacturers but also the staff.”

We are very excited for the future at BTE, it is an exciting and promising time to be apart of the business and we want to say a huge thank you to all of our customers, staff and suppliers for being a part of this journey. This is just the beginning of the next chapter for BTE and the only way we plan to go is up.


Posted by Katie Clarke


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