The All New Thwaites Cabbed Dumper

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An exciting day for BTE Plant Sales as with much anticipation we can announce that the all new Thwaites Cabbed Dumper has landed! 

The new Level 2 ROPS and FOPS cab protects the operator with an engineered, reinforced structure, to reduce injury from machine overturn or falling objects.

Operators and on-site personnel are further protected with the inclusion of a fully integrated camera system. Compliant to ISO 5006, and waterproof to IP67. This system provides the operator with 360 degree all round visibility.

The operators of the new Thwaites cabbed dumper will now be able to work as effectively all year round with the following features fitted as standard:  

·         Tinted side and rear glass to reduce solar glare for operator comfort and safety 

·         A ‘pop out’, easy to replace modular glazing system to enhance operational optimisation

·         A fully controllable cab heater and ventilation system with both dust and pollen filters 

·         Keyless, lockable panel for daily maintenance checks

·         Green beacon and seat belt safety system

Cabbed options are available on the 9 and 6 Tonne forward tip and the 6 tonne powerswivel dumpers. 

For any enquires please contact your salesman or the office on 01530 242782