Manitou MC18-2/4

Manitou have designed a compact rough terrain forklift with an overall width of 1450 mm, which allows the MC18 to manoeuvre into restricted spaces. With its torque, its power and four motors integrated in the wheels, the MC18's terrain resistance is exceptional, allowing it to negotiate banks and slopes easily. With a ground clearance of 30 cm, the MC18 offers you the highest ground clearance on the market. To maximise use, the MC18 is fitted with a device that allows you to switch from four-wheel to two wheel drive at the touch of a button. In two-wheel drive, you can reach a speed of 25 km/h, optimising your fuel consumption and tyre wear. Back in four-wheel drive, your machine will be able to meet any challenge: mud, sand, and so on.

The MC is equipped with a 'complete visibility' panoramic roof, giving the operator an optimal view, particularly when handling loads at height. Capable of moving at up to 25 km/h, the MC18 offers a speed that enables productivity and driving comfort over a long distance. Its very small turning radius in two-wheel drive (2585 mm) gives it exceptional manoeuvrability.
Operating Weight 3405/3562
Engine Kubota V1505 Diesel
Lifting Capacity 1800kg
Engine Output 26.5kW
Working Width 1450mm
Overall Height 2145mm

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