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Mounted Hydraulic Breakers

With the smallest breaker in the range weighing in at just 55kg and the largest at 10000kg you can see that Epiroc has a hydraulic breaker for every requirement, while their expert design means you enjoy more uptime too.

  • Weights from 55kg to 10000kg
  • 20% weight reduction compared with other breakers
  • Low maintenance / high productivity

Whichever Epiroc breaker you choose, one thing stays the same – sheer impact power. Epiroc gives you more impact energy per kilo than other hydraulic breaker. So when you need the power, you’ve got it. 

Epiroc’s ideal mix of compact design and power makes their Hydraulic Breakers wonderfully easy to use. So you won’t even need a large, energy-draining carrier.

As well as that compact power, you get toughness too. Epirocs’s hydraulic breakers are regarded as the toughest – and the most reliable you can get. Just keep it greased and put it to work. It’ll keep on going. But if anything does need attention, don’t worry. Epiroc builds their Hydraulic Breakers with fewer parts for easier maintenance.