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Petrol Breakers

The Cobra™ breaker is a machine you can just grab and go - that´s because it´s petrol-driven, so you don´t need any compressors, hoses or cables. The Cobra™ breaker is great for small, quick-bite jobs. Or fencing where you have to move down a line. Or for working in remote, inaccessible locations. In fact, the Cobra™ is so practical that is has become a fixture for emergency services around the world. 
Cobra™ comes in a range of different options. There is a Cobra™ that doubles as a drill, a Cobra™ that is especially made for tie tamping and a Cobra™ that hits just plain hard. Add to this a smorgasbord of different working tools and you will find a Cobra™ that is exactly to your liking, whether you want it for cutting or breaking, compacting or driving, drilling or splitting rocks.