Atlas Copco 20 Litre Pac and Breaker

  • Fuel-efficient operation
  • Light, easily transportable kit
  • Power on-demand principle
  • Steel-tube frame protection
No exhaust, lower noise levels and lower vibration – no wonder operatives enjoy working with Atlas Copco’s range of Hand Held Tools. It all makes for a better, cleaner, pleasanter working environment. 

And there are financial improvements too. The use of hydraulic Hand Held Tools helps bring fuel and transportation costs right down. Operators can load and unload the kit themselves. It’s all so compact –so a 9 hp power pack uses far less fuel than a 20 hp multi-cylinder diesel compressor.

The Atlas Copco range can go anywhere. So you can put them to good use on all sorts of jobs. The hydraulic power comes courtesy of a Power-on-Demand principle – so the pack stays idle until the tools begin to work. Another cost-saving, efficiency feature. 

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