Atlas Copco RAMMERS

  • Easy to use in confined spaces
  • Enhanced traction
  • High capacity air filters
  • Breather shut-off system on many models

Atlas Copco designs their machines from the inside out. That’s why the Rammer series comes with excellent breather shut-off systems to help preserve engine integrity for a longer service life. The engine is protected from knocks too – and that’s a big plus when you’re going to work in tight spaces, or on uneven ground and you know you’ll be picking up a few knocks along the way.

The Rammer is a real hard-hitter. Its higher centrifugal force gives deep compaction potential. So it can cope with the bigger jobs; with the uneven trenches and tough foundations. 

No matter where you take them, no matter what job you give them, Atlas Copco’s Rammers are easy to handle; easy to operate. 

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