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Atlas Copco are the world leaders in Portable Air Compressors. So it comes as no surprise that one in every three compressors sold anywhere in the world is made by them, in the world’s largest dedicated Compressor manufacturing plant.

Making the Best Better

It takes a lot of hard work to maintain their status as world leaders. So how do they do it? 

It’s all down to ongoing research and development. Atlas Copco keeps pushing design specifications to make better, cleverer, more cost-effective Compressors, Compactors, Hydraulic Pacs and Demolition Equipment. 

Atlas Copco’s Compressors are smaller and more portable too, giving you greater versatility and serviceability. Units are designed with specific applications in mind, so you can choose Compressors for heavier duty working environments, including the renovation industry.

Atlas Copco’s Compressor range

Atlas Copco’s Compressors are regarded as some of the finest in the industry. And, as you’d expect of Atlas Copco, they’re designed with serviceability and versatility in mind. In practical terms that means they’re smaller, lighter and more compact – and that means they’re incredibly easy to use on site too.

Atlas Copco keep the innovations coming too – their hooded Compressors provides unrestricted access to all service and maintenance points. While the latest versions of the XAS 137 and XAHS 107 both meet the criteria for emissions and noise directives.

The mark of innovation

Atlas Copco’s industry-leading status gives Atlas Copco’s customers all sorts of reassurances. Safety and efficiency are paramount. Above all, the Atlas Copco range is designed and made for practical application – to be used time and again. Every one of their products rewards initial investment with exceptional capability and performance.

And BTE brings you the pick of their efforts – the latest innovations as well as all the proven products that customers keep coming back to, time and again.