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Manitou gives you supreme versatility. With a superior range of products perfectly designed for specific applications, you get the reassurance of tough, beautifully engineered plant and machinery that has been perfected for the tasks at hand.

Above all, the Manitou range has been built for intensive and repeated use. This is plant that keeps on going.

Let’s look at the Manitou range from BTE Plant Sales in a bit more detail… 

MT (Telescopic) Series

The MT series balances power with precision. It’s got the lifting capacity you need and can operate equally effectively on all terrain, but it’s compact and manoeuvrable (with a tight turning circle). The MT series is the perfect choice on sites where space is tight and pinpoint handling is a must. 

Manitou’s telescopic fork is among the very best in the business – and that quality holds across the entire MT range. Manitou gives you exceptional capacity and stability, so you can carry big, heavy loads and increase productivity.

M & MSI (Masted Trucks) Series

The vertical or straight masted lift truck is the ideal product for your material handling applications where stability and maneuverability are essential. Pioneers of the masted product, these forklifts are the result of years of job proven performance and reliability.

The Manitou M Series masted forklifts were designed from the ground up as a true rough terrain lift truck. Operator comfort and easy maintenance were priority issues considered during development. The M Series is available in many configurations to provide you with the correct machine for your applications.

The Manitou Semi-Industrial range are smaller machines that offer excellent handling and compact maneuverability, unbeatable traction, unequalled comfort, and easy maintenance. This range is the ideal choice for applications that demand more than the average industrial lift truck.

MHT (Heavy Lift) Series

You can rely on Manitou when you need to lift some really heavy loads. The MHT series ranges from 5 tonne to 16 tonne lifting capacity. But it’s not just about superior strength. The MHT is an adaptable series, offering forward reach capability of upto 6 metres. So it’s ideal whether you’re lifting heavy pay loads, or positioning palletised loads and containers.

The MHT series is a truly multifunctional machine; it comes with a wide selection of easy-to-attach accessories for lifting, handling and loading – the right tool for every job.

MRT (Roto) Series

Boasting impeccable handling on all terrain and superb lifting height, Manitou’s MRT series gives precise control through 360°. Choose from Telehandler, Crane and Platform and accessorise with skips, jibs, winches and platforms to help you meet the requirements of every job.

Offering easy handling, exceptional manoeuvrability in tight conditions, a compact turning circle, and absolute stability – even at 40m+ elevation – the MRT eliminates the usual workplace constraints. Handling is easy and intuitive too, with precision electro-hydraulic joysticks.