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Kubota has built their impeccable reputation on the pillars of power, versatility and reliability.

The powerful Kubota engines love hard work. And that exceptional range of Mini Excavators has been built for anything. You can even add larger attachments when the job demands a bit of extra capacity. They are also exceptionally friendly to the environment

As for versatility – Kubota’s fleet of Mini Excavators are designed with any conditions in mind. Giving you superb stability, they’ll work wonderfully on rough terrain. And they can fit into tight spots too; one of the great features of the Kubota design is its zero tail swing for go-anywhere usability. It all helps make the Kubota Mini Excavator one of the most adaptable pieces of plant for general construction work and other applications.  

Kubota reliability

None of that’s worth much without reliability. When you buy a Kubota you know that you’re getting a dependable machine. The manufacturer’s renowned for it. That gives you the reassurance that, whatever model you choose, it will do what you need it to do – and it will keep on doing it. 

Kubota’s reputation goes on soaring. Favoured by plant hire companies (because of their reliability) and used in industries ranging from civil engineering to grounds maintenance, from landscaping to house building, Kubota is a trusted brand.

Compact, comfortable, powerful

That Kubota mix of small but powerful is crucial to their success. It means their Mini Excavators are easily transportable – perfect when you need an adaptable all-rounder that you can shift from site to site easily. 

The Kubota cabin is beautifully designed and built too – with a deluxe seat for absolute operator comfort throughout. 

Ultimate reassurance

As well as all these reassurances, Kubota gives you one more: the Kubota anti-theft system means that the engine will only ever start if operated by programmed keys. If non-programmed keys are used, it will trigger an alarm.