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When you buy Bomag, you get the benefit of a lot of experience. From their very first hand-guided roller to the multi-purpose compactors and single drum and tandem rollers you’ll find in the BTE inventory today, their product range has gone on evolving...

The experience is the difference

Bomag’s experience makes a difference to the day-to-day experience of using their products. And that’s god news when operatives are on site all day. Their Rollers are always easy to handle and easy to operate, even against walls and kerbs. With low hand-arm vibrations, Bomag’s Rollers are designed for long periods of sustained and safe use too. 

Bomag makes versatile machines. So you can choose a single Roller for multiple applications like granular and asphalt. They’re equally well suited to work on foot and cycle paths, play areas and sports grounds. They’re just as well suited to landscaping work on both a large and small scale too.  

ImpeccaBle design

Real thought has been given to making Bomag’s Rollers easy to use as well as easy to handle. An optional compaction control monitors compaction progress continually. The easy-read display even tells the operative whether any further passes are required. 

Better efficiency, Better results

Bomag’s experience shows in the sort of results you can expect. Ease of use leads to superior performance, while quality of design and build leads to quality of work. Bomag has earned an excellent reputation for their reversible vibratory plates for improved compaction. 

Efficiency plays an important part too. Bomag’s Rollers boast low fuel consumption for more efficient operation. And make no mistake, Bomag build machines to last. The extra-thick drum shell is tough and durable for an extended service life. While a 3-2-1 warranty offers complete peace of mind. You can make your investment in a Bomag, knowing that your Roller will give you the ongoing performance standards you need.